Monday, December 22, 2014

Weekend #1 of Winter Break

Winter break has finally rolled around, and the the first weekend off gave me lots of studio time. In addition to fiddling around with some props for the shows in February I'll be attending, I was able to put together a sale set! 

I hadn't made a set for the PS pony until now, and it was fun! The short back and microscopic head were a challenge, but one I think I tackled well. 

Cutesie hunter style

for all the cutesie hunter ponies!!

I'll be going up on MH$P soon, so if you're interested keep an eye peeled!

Not sure if I like the above (with flash) or these (without flash) photos

In other news, my time off gave me a chance to dig deeper into the newer side of the hobby. 
Grace took the dive and made an instagram for her studio work, and I couldn't help but be interested enough to follow suit.
It's been so much fun so far! It's exciting exploring a younger side to the hobby, and seeing so many kids/young adults showing off their collections and creative endeavors. Its been pretty addictive, considering it's a much quicker way to snap some studio update pics of what I'm working on and putting them up.

If anyone is interested in following me there, too, you can check out my pictures under ebbnflowstudios. 

Also quick reminder that the raffle ends in THREE days!!! Get your tickets now!


  1. Is the show in February your talking about St.valentines day live? That's the show I'm attending:)

    1. Why yes it is! You'll have to stop by and say hi. Just look for the table with the ridiculously small performance stuff!