Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sculpting Pots - Performance Cheats

The brilliance of my version of sculpting flower pots in stablemate scale is that I do not actually sculpt flower pots in stablemate scale. 
This trick is probably pretty obvious and I'm sure many people have used it before but when it came to me in Michaels at 8:55pm it it felt like a heavenly ray of light that obliterated the need for many more failed attempts at using clay/epoxy to painstakingly make something possibly resembling a pot. 
Just like all good things should be when working with 1:32 scale, it's very simple. 
It starts back at those California mission items, specifically, these bells.

Now I'm sure just about any small bells would work, but I am fiercely loyal (aka these are nicely in scale).
It starts off looking like this inside.

The first step is to remove the clapper so that you'll be able to stick your flora inside. 
I usually do this by using a pair of pliers to hold the hanger piece on the top and aggressively twist the clapper around with another pair of pliers until it gives.  

Note that the whole inside doesn't usually need to be empty, just enough space to comfortably glue everything in. 
Next it's time for some paint.

I use this oldy Terra Cotta colored acrylic that works marvelously.

Fill them with your plants and you're done!
See how ridiculously simple?

They are by no means perfect, but they're fantastically easy and look cleaner than most sculpted pots. 

(Note: I leave the little top hanger piece on the bottom because when I use them with kinetic sand it allows me to jut plop them in and keep them from rolling around.)

Sunday, September 14, 2014

First of Many?

In the scramble to get together all the props and tack for the performance division of the October show I'm attending, I found it really helpful to take breaks and work on some customs. And surprisingly, I actually finished one!

Meet this cutie (er, I mean stud) of a trakehner.

I'm absolutely in love with his color; it's making me question if I should try it for a lustiano I'm working on instead of basic grey!

I forgot how much I really missed the calming progression of layers you get when working with pastels. 

This could be the exciting start to many more customs! Whoo!
This guy will be coming down to Norco with me for the custom halter division (just for fun) and then he'll most likely be up for sale, so look for him again later!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

California Missions - Performance Cheats

It recently came to my attention through a very confused conversation that not every child in every state was forced to build an exact replica of a mission in fourth grade. 
This should probably not have been as shocking to me as it was, since clearly it really doesn't matter to any other state what the California Missions system looks like. 
Yet, here in CA, 'The Mission Project' is so well known and such an institutionalized part of every school's curriculum that there are websites and blogs dedicated to giving tips to builders.
 In fact, there are even entire brands at Michael's that make kits of each of the 21 missions so students can build them straight from that. 
 These brands also make grass/brick mats, tiny people and all their tiny benches and flowers and wells and pretty much just anything you would ever need to build any mission ever. 
just look at those in-scale, insta-hunter-ground-line flower hedges.
The mission project is basically the highlight of elementary school, like some rite of passage into mini-adulthood. I had a great time with it then, and even now it hasn't left my life. 

Unfortunately, I am not building replica's of missions today. I am however, as a mini tack maker and shower, incredibly thankful I can run down to the store and find these amazing, in scale props. 
I've grown up with these brands and baggies and giant kits taking up an isle of Michael's and pretty much any hobby store ever my whole life, and now I can finally really appreciate them. To realize that every one else in every other state doesn't have these is crazy for me to imagine.

Yes, this was basically a post about church-things and me getting nostalgic. The point is, I'm thankful as a shower that this silly brand is in my life, because it is more often than not their little add on props are perfectly in scale for stablemates. And just about everything is is either $1.99 or $2.99. 

I'm sure there are multiple on-line places to get these props for out-of-state-ers, and if you show minis I seriously suggest checking it out. You'll have to pay shipping and won't get the nostalgia that comes with being a California kid, but you'll get some super cool super cheap props that'll make any set up look nicer and go together easier. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Finally Something

Having to get back into the hang of taking classes while making tack has been hard. Add on that the tack has a definite deadline, and it almost makes me queazy. Oh and it's not just tack it's every prop imaginable. 
It's been a little bit stressful thinking about studio work and everything that needs to get done, but I'm proud to say I officially have finished a MAJOR part of one of my more extravagant issues. (which when compared to any traditional entry will probably make those showers laugh). 

Behold: my first ever actual prop - the **HANDY HUNTER JUMP**
cheering from crowd

I'm still working out some kinks like how the ground line bushes refuse to let the polls sit flat in their cups, but after that it is 100% ring ready!

I also finished the bridle for the horse that'll go with this jump, and I'm ecstatic to announce it has my first ever pair of laced reins! 
Ledoux It Again seems to enjoy his new jump - they kind of match!
I was too lazy to put the bridle all on since I have to use the horse to make the saddle, but once the whole set is done you can expect many nice pictures. 

In other news, I have a sm Moonpie on it's way to me and I am so excited!! When she arrives it means at least two more tack sets and a handful more props to make before October 4th but I can't wait to have a gorgeous, versatile, OF performance pony!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Parade Set #1

I've decided that it's about time I made myself a new parade set. This mean I can sell the three oldies that I have. That said, the first one is up on MH$P here. If you're interested go check it out! More pics below: