Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sculpting Pots - Performance Cheats

The brilliance of my version of sculpting flower pots in stablemate scale is that I do not actually sculpt flower pots in stablemate scale. 
This trick is probably pretty obvious and I'm sure many people have used it before but when it came to me in Michaels at 8:55pm it it felt like a heavenly ray of light that obliterated the need for many more failed attempts at using clay/epoxy to painstakingly make something possibly resembling a pot. 
Just like all good things should be when working with 1:32 scale, it's very simple. 
It starts back at those California mission items, specifically, these bells.

Now I'm sure just about any small bells would work, but I am fiercely loyal (aka these are nicely in scale).
It starts off looking like this inside.

The first step is to remove the clapper so that you'll be able to stick your flora inside. 
I usually do this by using a pair of pliers to hold the hanger piece on the top and aggressively twist the clapper around with another pair of pliers until it gives.  

Note that the whole inside doesn't usually need to be empty, just enough space to comfortably glue everything in. 
Next it's time for some paint.

I use this oldy Terra Cotta colored acrylic that works marvelously.

Fill them with your plants and you're done!
See how ridiculously simple?

They are by no means perfect, but they're fantastically easy and look cleaner than most sculpted pots. 

(Note: I leave the little top hanger piece on the bottom because when I use them with kinetic sand it allows me to jut plop them in and keep them from rolling around.)

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