Friday, September 5, 2014

Finally Something

Having to get back into the hang of taking classes while making tack has been hard. Add on that the tack has a definite deadline, and it almost makes me queazy. Oh and it's not just tack it's every prop imaginable. 
It's been a little bit stressful thinking about studio work and everything that needs to get done, but I'm proud to say I officially have finished a MAJOR part of one of my more extravagant issues. (which when compared to any traditional entry will probably make those showers laugh). 

Behold: my first ever actual prop - the **HANDY HUNTER JUMP**
cheering from crowd

I'm still working out some kinks like how the ground line bushes refuse to let the polls sit flat in their cups, but after that it is 100% ring ready!

I also finished the bridle for the horse that'll go with this jump, and I'm ecstatic to announce it has my first ever pair of laced reins! 
Ledoux It Again seems to enjoy his new jump - they kind of match!
I was too lazy to put the bridle all on since I have to use the horse to make the saddle, but once the whole set is done you can expect many nice pictures. 

In other news, I have a sm Moonpie on it's way to me and I am so excited!! When she arrives it means at least two more tack sets and a handful more props to make before October 4th but I can't wait to have a gorgeous, versatile, OF performance pony!

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