Thursday, October 30, 2014


Yes. That was a shameless Halloween pun.
The other night I was able to finish up a smaller order of assorted boots.
First off were some regular jumper-style ankle boots.

This is a pattern I've gotten comfortable with and like the results of, so it's pretty solid.

Same with the bell boots. However, I decided to entirely revamp the way I did splint boots. 

The photos are kind of harsh since they were taken with the flash, but you can see detail (including the messy sticky wax. Oops!) 

The straps and buckles work like real splint boots with the straps slipping through the buckles and folding back over themselves. 

It's actually more secure, and looks way nicer!
 Overall I'm very satisfied with they way they turned out. They'll look great on their new owner's PS cutter! 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Mondays are hard

And today is no exception. I really have had limited studio time, so today you get another raffle reminder post (it's just too exciting for me).

Some nice sunny pictures to show off the pink!! 

Remember 100% of proceeds go to National Breast Cancer Foundation Inc.!

Just $1 per ticket, with those discount pacs available. 

For more info see the original post, or the MH$P ad.

You can find more photos scattered around the blog, too. 

Okay, I promise I'll leave you alone on this for a while. 
But supporting women with breast cancer while being entered to win these awesome and pretty in pink accessories all for $1?? No downsides! 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Studiotorial #1 -- Buckles

The buckle tutorial I made about two months ago was mediocre at best. The photos were more blobs than wire and lace and learning. I decided that since pictures for most stablemate scale tutorials never quite show all the detail, I should try video instead. It was a success!! 
(and yes, my nails are appropriately pumpkins for Halloween)

Let me know what you think. 
If this seems to be popular, I might make this a weekly or every other week kind of deal where I do a tutorial style video or just show how I do/make something. I feel like it's much more effective than written and photo tutorials - do you?

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Commission #1

Commission #1 for LL is officially done!! Hooray!! Enjoy some nice sunny outdoor pics. 

The first two have a little shade:

Bright and sunny:

Sun makes the medium brown look lighter than in regular lighting.

But it helps show detail!

I am very pleased with the new boot pattern I tried out. It works and looks much better. It's also easier to tack up!!

In all I'm very very happy with how this set came together. It just looks so satisfying to have lots of little accessories and a nice match-matchy theme 

Fall Raffle Closes November 5th!!

The Fall Raffle to support breast cancer is now set to end on November 5th. 

Just ONE ticket for only $1 could win you this great lot of accessories! 

One hundred percent of the proceeds are going to National Breast Cancer Foundation Inc. which provides resources for women with breast cancer, as well as funding early recognition type programs such as free mammograms. 

Your support can be so simple, just a few dollars, but can make a big difference in someone's life.

Plus you'll have a great chance to win!

Again, there is no downside. Just a few dollars helps support women with breast cancer AND lets you be in the drawing for this great set!!

For more specifics on how to pay/enter visit the MH$P ad here

Friday, October 24, 2014

A Promising Start

I ended my studio time tonight by finishing the bridle for the hunter green commission set. It actually came together rather easily - I only had a little resistance when lacing one of the reins. I think it turned out nicely! 
(Excuse the wonky bit sticking out to the side a little)
It's really coming together, and I think I'm going to be very pleased with how it turns out when I can finally add the very last piece: the boots!
There's something so satisfying about having a horse all decked out in tack, not just a simple saddle and bridle. Also, I'm loving the matching green! I don't really want this set to leave!

A pretty solid start to my weekend if I do say so myself. 

The Studio Updates:
  • Commission for LL - All that's left are your open front boots! 
  • Commission for CH - Saddle is about half way through, still needs running martingale, bridle, girth & pad
  • Commission for LP - Saddle has just been started (tooling), still needs breastplate, bridle, and pad
  • Commission for IP - Creating boot template and waiting on similar mold to PS cutter

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Commission update

It's been hard to fit time in for the studio, yet somehow I've managed to get some serious progress done on a commission set!
Excuse the pretty bad phone pics in dark lighting but you can get the idea. Some nice hunter green bell boots, matching trimmed pad, two tone saddle and girth and a nice running martingale. All that's left is a pair of open front boots and a bridle!
Whoo! Hopefully I can get it finished up within the next few days and off to its new owner!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fall Raffle!!

Hooray! The weather is finally changing here in sunny California, and I've decided to host a little raffle. Also my studio needs to get a little cleaner.  

Some might recognize the item - it's part of the set I was originally going to donate to Danielle's Mid Maryland Model Madness. Included are bell boots, open front boots, ankle boots, and figure-8 bridle, all cute and matchey in a new bright pink. Total value is almost $50!

Additionally, It's mid October, or Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In honor of this, 100% of all money raised will go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation Inc.!
This means each ticket purchased is more money to breast cancer research!

and because the pink looks more coral, heres a quick outdoor photo thats more true to color. 

- Each ticket is $1. 1 Ticket = 1 entry
- 10 Tickets for $8         - 20 Tickets for $17
- 30 Tickets for $25
- Names will be recorded as many times as their number of entries and then selected randomly from a generator 
- PayPal only. When paying please select "Send Gift or Donation" this is important. Otherwise PayPal will take its fee and I won't be able to accurately know how many tickets you purchased 
- In the message section of PayPal please include 1. your name and 2. your email address

If you have any questions or would like to purchase tickets you can contact me at

Who wouldn't love some cool new accessories while supporting breast cancer???

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sleepy Hollow Live Sets

I was so busy right before the show that I never got to post about the tack I was actually taking.

First on the list was It Man's english set, which would take him through every class in the division
This bridle was the first one I ever tried laced reins on, and it turned out fantastically! I adore how it adds to an otherwise pretty plain bridle. The saddle - surprisingly okay. It was pretty much thrown together the day before from the beginnings of a jumper saddle I started a year ago. It served it's purpose well.

Next was Rosie Queen O' Corona (Paul Simon anyone?) and her english get up, which also took her through every english class.
This set endured my first ever mid-show tack up. Fifteen minutes later and it was passable-ish. It served her well though. The saddle was also something I'd originally started for another set but in the crunch decided to finish up and use. I was really happy with the way it turned out. On both this and and tan set I added the piping to the front of the saddle, and it makes a remarkably bit difference. Again, laced reins and the whole shabang for the bridle.

Finally, Rosie's western set.
Obviously not on Rosie, who it was made for, which is why the bridle buckle is in a funny location
I actually had such a great time making this set. It took a while but it was so refreshing to do tooling in between the fiddly english saddles. (seriously, people who want commissions - western. please). I managed to work out a few things with it too, like the silver on the pommel and stirrup construction. You can't tell but all the silver is stamped with little flowers (really. all of it). It was fun to make and did it's job. I actually just added the silver beading on the reins - that wasn't there for the show.

And there you have it! A full tack review of my Sleepy Hollow Live entries. It felt good to get three whole sets done, but now the bar for my own productivity is set high!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Commission Season

Whew! Today was a stresser even though I've spent all of it doing commission tack. For some reason this one saddle isn't coming out right and I think I'll have to start over from scratch. grrrr

That said, I did manage to finish something that's a keeper - the running martingale for a two-tone commission set I'm doing

It's a disappointing amount of work to show for a full day of fiddling, but I've kind of locked heads with the saddle (I just really really want to make a bridle but my lace is in the mail).

Hopefully I can get at least some more small accessories done tomorrow!

Addendum: I did manage to get some tech-y stuff done: added photos of the color options to my commission ordering site, put up photos of my Sleepy Hollow Live sets up on the website, and updated the facebook page (finally) with photos of the tack I made for Sleepy Hollow Live, which will be up here tomorrow. Hooray!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Sleepy Hollow Live - Performance

Despite the fact I only had about two classes for the first half of the show, I didn't take very many halter pictures. Still, I assure you, every single resin and custom that went up was absolutely stunning. I might make a post of what I have later, just for eye candy. 

There were a few other minis in attendance, which was nice representation. (Go minis!)

These guys came back for stock work, too.

There was even a miniwhinny who showed a few classes!!

My performance started strong with Rosie Queen O' Corona taking first in her western trail class. 

Even though the classes were moving slowly, I managed to not get pictures of the next two classes she was in. She got third in Western Pleasure and a nice second in Other Western with her western dressage set up. 

After lunch I had my first in-show tack change ever. The judge was fantastic about giving us our time, and I really needed it then. English picked up quickly with two horses in hunter. 

Rosie got a first with her last minute brick jump

while Ledoux It Again brought second with his oh so intricate handy hunter option trot fence.

(Shout out to Jennifer Buxton over at Braymere Saddlery for the wonderful reference photos)

Once again, the last two classes were lost amid the scurry, so words must suffice. It Man placed third in English Pleasure, with Rosie taking second. And lastly, in Other English, It Man took his first first with his dressage set up and Rosie placed second with hers.

Champ and Reserve were no real surprise after that division

Hooray! Good job crew! 
But it wasn't over for Rosie, who went on to take Reserve Overall Performance!

Champ went to a stunning pair owned by (I think??) Kathy Williams.

The doll is by Joan Yount; this is my first time seeing her work in person and it is fabulous. I'm not sure who the tack is by, and I'm assuming the horse is maybe by her, but either way, everything together made it a grade A entry. 

For my first performance show ever, I would say it was a huge success. 

Can't wait 'til next time!