Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Commission Season

Whew! Today was a stresser even though I've spent all of it doing commission tack. For some reason this one saddle isn't coming out right and I think I'll have to start over from scratch. grrrr

That said, I did manage to finish something that's a keeper - the running martingale for a two-tone commission set I'm doing

It's a disappointing amount of work to show for a full day of fiddling, but I've kind of locked heads with the saddle (I just really really want to make a bridle but my lace is in the mail).

Hopefully I can get at least some more small accessories done tomorrow!

Addendum: I did manage to get some tech-y stuff done: added photos of the color options to my commission ordering site, put up photos of my Sleepy Hollow Live sets up on the website, and updated the facebook page (finally) with photos of the tack I made for Sleepy Hollow Live, which will be up here tomorrow. Hooray!

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