Thursday, October 30, 2014


Yes. That was a shameless Halloween pun.
The other night I was able to finish up a smaller order of assorted boots.
First off were some regular jumper-style ankle boots.

This is a pattern I've gotten comfortable with and like the results of, so it's pretty solid.

Same with the bell boots. However, I decided to entirely revamp the way I did splint boots. 

The photos are kind of harsh since they were taken with the flash, but you can see detail (including the messy sticky wax. Oops!) 

The straps and buckles work like real splint boots with the straps slipping through the buckles and folding back over themselves. 

It's actually more secure, and looks way nicer!
 Overall I'm very satisfied with they way they turned out. They'll look great on their new owner's PS cutter! 

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