Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sleepy Hollow Live Sets

I was so busy right before the show that I never got to post about the tack I was actually taking.

First on the list was It Man's english set, which would take him through every class in the division
This bridle was the first one I ever tried laced reins on, and it turned out fantastically! I adore how it adds to an otherwise pretty plain bridle. The saddle - surprisingly okay. It was pretty much thrown together the day before from the beginnings of a jumper saddle I started a year ago. It served it's purpose well.

Next was Rosie Queen O' Corona (Paul Simon anyone?) and her english get up, which also took her through every english class.
This set endured my first ever mid-show tack up. Fifteen minutes later and it was passable-ish. It served her well though. The saddle was also something I'd originally started for another set but in the crunch decided to finish up and use. I was really happy with the way it turned out. On both this and and tan set I added the piping to the front of the saddle, and it makes a remarkably bit difference. Again, laced reins and the whole shabang for the bridle.

Finally, Rosie's western set.
Obviously not on Rosie, who it was made for, which is why the bridle buckle is in a funny location
I actually had such a great time making this set. It took a while but it was so refreshing to do tooling in between the fiddly english saddles. (seriously, people who want commissions - western. please). I managed to work out a few things with it too, like the silver on the pommel and stirrup construction. You can't tell but all the silver is stamped with little flowers (really. all of it). It was fun to make and did it's job. I actually just added the silver beading on the reins - that wasn't there for the show.

And there you have it! A full tack review of my Sleepy Hollow Live entries. It felt good to get three whole sets done, but now the bar for my own productivity is set high!

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