Monday, December 15, 2014

I Am Not a Finishwork Artist

Which is why a paint and pastel related project is so over my head. Grace has been very successful in her customizing-for-performance endeavors so I figured 'why not' when I sculpted a new mane and tail onto that little Lustiano mare. 

Yet, I somehow always forget about color. I can do some sunburnt blacks, and any shade of plain bay, but after that I'm completely out of my league. And yet, I still was able to be talked into trying a buckskin. 

It started pretty rocky with a too-yellow undercoat

which I then decided to add dapples to. Ouch! About an hour and a half later of carefully rubbing off pastel with a flattened toothpick and this is what I get!

I managed to soften them down more

and more

and more!! 
Not entirely bad now! I'll admit she is turning out much darker than I hoped, and probably wouldn't fly all that well in a halter class, but she'll pass under saddle! 

On to details... and fixing her ears (which I for some reason forgot were not black on the tops and now have to re-pastel to the light creamy yellow color. ugh) 

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