Thursday, December 25, 2014

Holiday Raffle Announcement!!

HOORAY!! Today Stage Left Studios (Grace Ledoux) and I picked the winners for our holiday raffle!! 

Thanks to everyone who participated. We didn't even imagine to get this far. Our original goal was one goat for $50, and we were able to raise $200!! With that money we donated a school supply kit for a child, 

and a goat, 

but also clean water for a family for life

That's an incredible holiday gift to give, and it's all thanks to those who participated. 

However, two people still need their sets! Grace and I got together on Skype to formally pick the winners using our random number generator. 
First up was Carol Owens with #24!

and next was Jennifer Cole with #201!

Congrats guys!! 

Once again thank you all for your participation and happy holidays!

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