Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Power of a Goat

Not super tack related, but since people seem to really enjoy getting involved in the raffle, I've decided to give some small insight to the power each donation we reach will bring, using some references I got to see first hand from my trip with Free the Children to Kenya. 

Livestock is a huge way families in Kenya support their families - most popularly cattle and goats

As I posted yesterday, we just reached $50 from tickets - enough to purchase a goat! Just $50/this goat can have a huge impact for a family. The goat provides excellent nutrition that allows children to have good health and be able to focus in school. General well being is critical for children to receive an education, as I had reinforced while talking to many primary school children about how they learn. 

You can't bust moves like these without some serious energy from good nutrition!
However, the goat also provides an alternative income for the family. While a man would work, a woman in a family who has a goat can sell the cheese and milk to others, thus creating an alternative income for the family. This alternative income is powerful in two ways. First, it allows the family to have a "back up job" in case of crop famine or unemployment. For example, for the past three years Kenya has had a serious maize famine that prevented crops from growing. With most of the rural population surviving on their maize crops, this was devastating. Second, alternative income provides empowerment for women of the community. Since they traditionally don't get a job away from home, they wouldn't usually contribute to the financial stability of a house hold. This goat gives them the power + empowerment to do so. 

This empty maize field should be filled with tall corn stalks

See! Just $50 for this goat can have such a fantastic impact on a families life, and in so many ways!! Keep on buying tickets everyone - you're making a difference! (plus you get a chance at those cutie sets!)

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