Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Studio Update

Finally got around to logging some time in the studio!

First thing up was a too-big stirrup on a western pleasure set. 

It had to undergo a little reduction surgery

on both sides

before it looked like a stirrup again!

Next, because I knew I needed to get a commission done, I made the obvious choice to start sculpting and hacking things up.

First came a Lustiano whose tail I've been meaning to complete for months.

Finally can say it's done!

2011 vs. today
It's also amazing how far one's spanish tail sculpting skills can come in a year! Probably still not 100.00% correct, but so much closer!

This gal was also in the wrong place at the wrong time when my customizing itch hit.

She's looking pretty rough now, and honestly I don't even really know what direction she's going in! Oh well! It was fun to break out the epoxy and the saw. 

I DID however also get some actual tack work done. (yay!)

Bridle for said commission I was ignoring earlier. I'm trying to switch to braided string reins - the leather ones were not super responsive to sticky wax and did not drape easily. This made for a live show disaster combo (as I quickly discovered the morning of that October show). Hopefully this works out better! 


  1. Beautiful work on that Andalusian! The hair sculpting is fantastic!

  2. Wow the lusitano is stunning! Great job on the resculpting!

  3. Thank you both!! It's so reassuring to know she's coming out okay after such a long time of just sitting around.

  4. I want to follow your blog (as in, get emails when you update it) but I don't see that option. Can you add it? :)

    1. Sure! I've added a "subscribe to posts" and a "follow by email" option on the right sidebar.