Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Gold Country Model Horse Show: Western

The next division was Western.
This entire division is usually a "well I'm here so I might as well" situation for me since,

let's be real, 

what mini can compete with some of that traditional western tack out there?

First up was Games.

My little mule wore her brand new (as in finished at 9:00 the night before the show) western set

In a simple yet effective pole bending entry.


This Key Hole entry belonged to the only other youth performance shower, I believe. 

There were at least two barrel racing entries.

Egg and spoon was popular, too.

Well, what do you know!

I sat the next class out - Stock Work. 

Since I have never ridden western, I'm pretty unfamiliar with all of it

and adding cows? Makes it just that much more terrifying!

That said, all the entries I saw on the table looked 100% correct to me!

This class is always so dynamic - Love it!

I want to say the Knightly Candace resin took first again (correct me if you know).

On to trail! 

Miss mule lost her breastplate and boots and came back for this one.

Someone else small!

I believe this pair has been in a show report on Jennifer Buxton's blog, before.

Looks like  D'arry?

I think it was about this class that all the performance showers realized this was the most crowded the performance tables in California had been in a long time!

We even had to call in to use the little back up table!

And it was quickly clear the quality was just as great as the quantity

Mule power!

I wish I would have read the documentation for this entry! Curious to know what it was.


The tinies really brought it for this class!

After some considerable time clearing the table, everyone and more returned to the table for pleasure.

Fifteen equines appeared on the table. 

It only took a few minutes to decide the class needed to be split into stock

and other

This class really showcased the dedication to quality all the showers had.

As a tack maker constantly trying to improve my western designs, this class was loaded with goodies to admire!

1st in stock was taking by this guy and his amazing set from earlier in the post.

And for other, out of all those incredible big guys... 

My tiny! 

Winning this class was probably the most exciting part of the day for me. Most western pleasure classes have always felt like they end up a competition of who spent the most on the most shiny stuff. This showed that minis can finally hold their own!

And finally, the last class: Other Western

A Parelli entry! This super cool set up took first.

I really loved this fence. Cute details!

Once again, the tables were packed 

I chose last minute to put a reining entry in, so nothing too exciting this time for the mule when she took fifth (but it's still placing!)

I think I'll have to add the total number of horses in each class after the results come out.

Then back for the championship recall.

Woo!! And against all those big guys!

Go little mule! 

English tomorrow!


  1. More great photos! Can't wait to see the English!

  2. Congratulations! Western Pleasure is so tough. I love to see your lil mule in her awesome debut.

  3. Awesome job! I'm an English rider so I know almost nothing about western classes. But I'm excited to see the English entries :)

  4. What about your micro mini? Did you show him? Just curious. My main performance horse is a micro mini. :D

  5. Thank you for a ton of amazing photos and HUGE CONGRATS!