Monday, March 2, 2015

Gold Country Model Horse Show: Other Performance

I definitely took the most pictures in the performance division (which was CM/AR for the day), so we'll start there.
First up was Other Performance. I don't usually show in this division, so enjoy some pretty pictures of not-my-ponies.

It started with harness, which had two entries.

Both were incredible and accurate.

Next came the Arabian costume class, 

(Curious to know what type of saddle this is specifically)

a class that has always scared and mystified me.

Mini tack-makers may be crazy, 

but putting together all these tassels is on whole new level!

So many beautiful horses.

I was almost positive one of them would "accidentally" end up coming home with me.

On to Other Costume!

This absolutely stunning parade set ended up taking first, if I remember correctly.

The detail was just incredible!

Minis represent!

There were a few Native American entries, actually.

All three of which were beautifully accurate, which I appreciate. 

Another parade entry, complete with parade queen!

The next class was In Hand Showmanship.

You can see the coon jumping mule in the background - can't believe I forgot to get his picture!

Two little youngsters in this entry

Then came the general Other Performance class, which was probably my favorite of the day.

Mostly because it contained this incredible set.

I'm dying to know who made it!

I was completely blown away by the detail in all the tooling, silver, braiding, and bead work. 

I mean, how?

I wish I'd snapped a picture of the documentation that went with it. It's just too beautiful!

Something else exciting about this class was this big guy.

and when I say big, I mean really, really big!
I do believe this 1:6 scale giant is by the incredibly talented Luis Mariano, as I found some more pictures of it on his studio's Facebook page here

I've always wanted to see one of these guys in person, and the detail did not disappoint! Coming from my world of minis, he was huge! 

There he is next to a regular sized iPad, if that offers any comparison. The workmanship on the tack alone was fantastic. I hope to see this guy again!

The class also included some more in-hand,

 a steeple chase,

It included a really cool score-board behind it - took the pic during set up
There we go
and a horse agility set up!

I love admiring all the incredible horses and fantastic details people put into their entries in other performance. They always end up being so unique! Thanks to everyone who showed something!

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