Sunday, March 1, 2015

Gold Country Model Horse Show - Pre Report

Yesterday I attended the Gold Country Model Horse Show in Davis, CA.

We weren't staying overnight, so it was a super early morning, complete with a nice drizzle.

Two hours later, the show hall was much larger than I had expected,

and held so many incredible horses!

Saturday was the OF Halter and CM/AR Performance divisions, so there was a huge variety of goodies to look at. 

People have expressed interest in seeing basically everything, so I think the show report will be broken up into three different sections - mostly photo dumping with some performance commentary.

I mean who doesn't love to see all the ponies?


  1. I cannot wait! Show reports are my favorite! All the pictures! :D I cannot wait to hear about your entries.

  2. I agree with Elizabeth. Tack updates and show reports are always my favorites :)