Monday, March 9, 2015

Gold Country Model Horse Show: Halter

My halter photos from GCMHS are just a smattering of the actual halter competition. 

My minis took 3 out of 4 of the NAN cards I brought home from halter

+ A blue for my Chips cutting horse. 

The performance ring was (slightly terrifyingly) right next to the china ring. 

Even though I was a little bit scary hauling props around the clinkies,

 It was fun to be able to turn around and admire them!

I feel like the china table needed to provide towels for people to wipe up their drool.

Over in OF Breyer halter, the tables were packed.

Out of probably 20+ horses in Arabian Mares, my Jasmine was able to pull through with a first!

More busy classes

This guy was in performance, but the detail was too good to not include a detail shot.

There can never be enough China pictures

The glossies were especially yummy! 

One of these day's I'll cave and add something extra breakable to my collection!

There were also some very cute OF minis

Long ears and china? 

That's just too much

There Peter Stone classes were also ridiculously competitive because of their quality.

And the big guy to match that mini from earlier.

China call backs!

There were so many different makes and sizes of Chinas on the table.

It was a hard choice to pick the overall, 

and reserve!

Then over to the OF Breyer halter table for collectability grand champ and reserve. 

And finally, the OF Breyer Halter breed champ and reserve

This guy is incredible in person! 

 The entire show hall was floored by this Man of War's condition. I swear - He was named champ and there was the regular cheering, but as people actually came up to take pictures and admire him there was total silence. The Love classics have always been at the top of my list, and seeing a horse this old in completely perfect shape, plus some amazing coloring and shading, felt like some kind of life-altering experience. 

All in all, I have never seen such quality and quantity in any of the shows I've been to as I did with this one! It was great getting to look and learn from all the fantastic showers around me. Once again, thanks for brining out your best guys!

And that's it! What a good ending point for the last of the show report. Finally all the Gold Country pictures have been blogged about. I hope everyone enjoyed them!

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