Thursday, March 5, 2015

Gold Country Model Horse Show: English

Alas! The long awaited English pictures.

I was honestly expecting to do a little better placing-wise in English, but like I said, competition was tough!

First up was Hunter/Jumper.

This pair placed second,

with this Stone thoroughbred taking first.

Little mule returned in her sidesaddle with the shingle jump for Hunter and took fifth.

At least she still looked absolutely adorable

The Harley from the western games class also switched tack and returned.

Unfortunately, Ledoux and his two-option trot fence didn't even place.

But there was another mini! 

Photos of this guy aren't the best but yay! Always good to see some fellow small guys.

Another familiar face...


Somehow, I entirely missed taking any pictures of the Games class. Ledoux sat it out, while muley took fourth. I can't remember what horse ended up getting first.

Third was trail. 
There were flower pots around this guy. I'm just a premature picture taker
I was happy to see this cutie again.

I can never spend enough time looking at D'arrys.

The mini from other costume also came back 

wearing a super cute little huntseat set! 

This Knightly Cadence placed second,

while miss mule took third, 

and Ledoux brought home first! 

Right along to pleasure, another large class. 

Somehow I managed to miss taking more pictures of the horses in this class, 

This doll has nicer makeup than I do
but it was just the usual crowd.  

Hooray! You've probably noticed the pattern of mule's placings by now.

Other english was the big finale of the day. 

There were so many horses that it ended up getting split three ways. 


Wardrobe change to her snaffle


And (I believe) Other.

Bringing home both cards with their dressage entries.

Finally! Getting a first qualified miss mule for the english championship...

Where she took reserve overall english! 

Out of her five classes she took a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th. I feel she should have gotten something special just for this funny coincidence! 
The Stone Thoroughbred took Champ. 

Finally, it was time for the CM/AR Performance Overall champ and reserve. 
Unfortunately, I couldn't convince Susan that two reserves did in fact equal one champion (and I really tried), so my ponies were done for the day. 

And the winners are crowned! 

Someone at the show actually made and donated the soaps for overall champ/reserve prizes, which made them that much cooler. 

Very proud of my tinies - They can hold their own!
Overall the day was very productive. I had a fantastic time getting to meet fellow performance enthusiasts and oogle at all their incredible entries! Thanks to all the showers for bringing their best, and especially to Susan Gage for judging! It was a long day, but not once did she make us feel rushed setting up, or hurry through her judging. 

Whew! And thats performance, folks! The next post will be a cumulative photo dump of all the halter pictures I took - coming soon!


  1. Awesome job, again! And I really want your mule! It's just the cutest little thing <3

  2. Some fantastic photos and entries there - I wish I could get to shows like this!