Saturday, January 3, 2015

The New Year

As I think I mentioned before I left, I spent all of last week visiting Stage Left Studios own, very lovely Grace Ledoux. I thought I would get around to blogging about some of our misadventures, but I found myself far too caught up in the moments! 
However, my Instagram nicely documented everything for me real time. If you're still interested in following it it's simply @ebbnflowstudios.

My first time back in Grace's studio since this summer found if much the same as when I'd last seen it. Cleaner maybe? 

We started off our work time by finishing up the last of the raffle work. We wrote thank you to those who entered and packed up the sets for the winners. Once again thanks to everyone who entered!

With that out of the way, it was time for the obligatory dress up.
Upon Grace's request, I brought up my newest addition to the herd: this beautiful Sue Kern mule.
She looked cutest in this hunter saddle by Grace.

Looking fabulous in a SLS saddle!

And finally working could be put off no more. We put on Spirit for nostalgia's sake 

And buckled down to some serious tack making.
I was able to completely finish the Portuguese bridle. 

It didn't have it's curb chain here. Oops!
This monstrosity had 13 buckles. I would have preferred them to be the regular square and tongue, but no! They had to be the little oval ones that you actually have to slip the lace through without cutting corners. 
All in all it came out extremely well!

I also was able to start putting together a western saddle for myself I started a while ago. 
I'm not too jazzed about the tooling pattern and might just can it and start over.

After a week of tack making and New Years fun, it was time I return home. It was good to be back in my own studio, ready to make more tack. Firs however, I had to get the Portuguese bridle on its rightful owner.

Mrs. Lusitano is looking pretty good! Figuring out how to make that Portuguese saddle should be fun (not), but one step at a time. 

Being home meant I was also able to start another commission. 

I haven't made a full eventing set since 2012 I think, so it was fun to reinvent some of the pieces. 

It came together remarkably easy in just one day.

Hooray! I can definitely tell the time with Grace has rubbed off on my saddle quality. Thanks again for letting me spend some time in your studio! 

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