Sunday, January 25, 2015

Studio Update: January - The X-Country Set

The blog has been unintentionally silent for a little while. You guys really haven't seen that many updates, and theres been a lot happening. That said, time to break the silence, one project at a time.
First up is a cross county set. The lucky gal who ordered this is the last person to get a commission at "set price", since now everything is priced individually.
Anyway, first came the saddle.

I played around with more of Grace's technique of making and putting together a saddle,

and I have to admit I liked it better! It's definitely one of my favorite saddles to date, as the cantle area has really started to put itself together for me. 

Next were the boots, keeping with the theme of light blue.

I absolutely love doing color themed things as there's nothing I love more than a matchey-matchey set.

With the actual leather piece parts of the set done, it was time to start working with some lace. 

A very nice figure 8 bridle assembled itself.

Despite feeling tinier than usual! 

That wonky stirrup is driving me crazy

All in all the set has come together very nicely so far. All thats left is a matching five point breastplate and it can go to its new home!

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