Sunday, January 4, 2015

It's a Pride Thing

I've seen a fair number of mini whinnie sets lately, and so I decided, naturally, to see if my abilities would hold out at such a small scale. Although no one forced me, as soon as I mentioned it to myself it instantly became a bet to prove some mysterious point. Possibly on how many hours my sanity would hold out preforming near surgery on little pieces of leather.

The bridle came first

The wire for the bit is the same gauge that I use for buckles and buckle tongues on a regular stablemate bridle. 

It was tedious and slow going. I believe that "fancy western buckle" is a small loop of 32 gauge

Finally it was done! The reins are each a single thread from a strand of disassembled embroidery thread.

The saddle came next.

For some unknown reason it wasn't enough for me just to make the set in this scale. I had to make it good.

51 minuscule flowers pressed in with the point of a needle and half of Pride and Prejudice on audio book later, and it's done!

I have to say I'm more than pleased with how it all came together.

Looking at it in person is nothing short of ridiculous. I'm considering even taking it with my to the shows in February, just for giggles, and putting a magnifying glass next to the entry! I mean look at all those tiny flowers.

Whew! I think I more than proved my point, whatever it was. Now that I've wholly satisfied that need, I hope to work more on the x-country commission as well as get started on some real show entries this week!


  1. Abseloutley amazing! I think I need one now haha

  2. I love it! :) If you don't mind me asking... How did you make the saddle blanket? I also make mini tack and I'm always looking for ways to make great blankets. :)