Friday, November 28, 2014

Collaboration Circa NOW : Holiday Raffle!!

That's right - another collaboration plus you guys get another raffle! 

The holiday's just make me very thankful and nostalgic.

This year, those two things make for an interesting combination.

This past summer I had the fantastic opportunity to travel to Oleleshwa, Kenya, with Free the Children to build a dormitory for a girl's Secondary School. 

The trip was something I'll never forget, and something I'm so thankful for in many ways.

I'm thankful I got to take the trip, but now I'm also so thankful for everything I realize we're privileged enough to have here.

With the true holiday spirit of giving back, I'm embracing that gratitude with a touch of nostalgia for the trip and all the wonderful people I got to meet there: a raffle to benefit Free the Children!!

But I'm not going the course alone. This time I have help from my best friend and well known hobby partner, Grace!

Together we've created another collaboration of sorts. She's created a wonderful hunter set, while I've put together a western pleasure one. Both come with two pad options and fit the G4 Driving mold. (pictured)

100% of the proceeds from ticket sales will go to Free the Children. We're aiming for at least $50, which will let us purchase a goat for a family. The goat provides nutrition in the form of milk, as well as an alternative income. 

While we're enjoying our fantastic holiday, let's take a little time to help others, too. By spending a couple bucks you can help someone and be entered to win one of this cool sets! Two winners will be chosen - aka double the chance to win. 

Now the details: 

  • Ticket prices:
    • 1 for $1
    • 6 for $5
    • 12 for $10
    • 25 for $20
  • Each ticket counts as one entry and will be assigned a unique number based on the order we receive payments.
  • For example, if the first person to enter buys 6 tickets, they have tickets number 1 through 6. Then if the second person buys three, they have tickets 7 through 9, and so on. (I'll be keeping a running list to keep track of which numbers belong to whom.)
  • We'll use a random number generator to pick two numbers between 1 and the total number of tickets sold between now and December 24th.
  • The first number drawn will be the first winner and will get first pick of which set they would like, and the second number drawn will get whichever set the first winner didn't pick.
  • All ticket sales will count as entries between now and December 24th at 11:59pm (USA Pacific Time).
  • Paypal is the only method of payment we're accepting for ticket sales, and make sure you designate the payment as a donation/gift! I realize that not everyone has a Paypal and I apologize if this is a disappointment for you!
  • The winners will be picked on December 25th, and announced here and on Grace's blog sometime that day, along with screencaps of the random numbers generated. A screencap of the donation receipt from Free the Children will be posted by the 27th.
  • Shipping to the winners is on us.

How to enter:
  1. Email Grace at with the following filled out:

Number of tickets:
Shipping address:

(Letting her know your shipping address when you're entering is totally optional- We'd love to send every entrant a little thank-you in the mail, but if you'd rather not provide it, no problem! Of course, if you end up winning, you can always get her your address at that point.)

You can read some additional tidbits on the tack/Free the Children over at Grace's blog.
We'll both be keeping you updated throughout the month of December with some more info.
Stay tuned!

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