Saturday, August 9, 2014

Anything But Tack

As promised, I gave myself a much needed rest day from all things tack today. Instead, I went to work on a handy hunter trot jump for my Hunter/Jumper class. 

They've been going spectacularly, which I wasn't exactly expecting. All that's left is adding the little wing-things that make it stand and the building part will be done! Then it's on to paint and all things plant that will accompany the jump. 
Monster's Inc. anyone?
Today I also dabbled in something that I haven't in a very very long time. Finishwork!
That said the cows also got their base paint and shading. I hope to start to tackle their whites tomorrow

(there is shading there I promise)
Also in the finishwork category, I managed to basically finish my Peter Stone warmblood custom!

glare is because I literally just sprayed him with sealer before taking the photos
This guy went from nothing but primer to complete Knabstrupper body paint job all this evening. All that's left is eyes and hooves, and he's show ring ready!

In all today was super productive and was a fantastic break. Everything went smoothly and getting back to painting was surprisingly relaxing. I'll have to do it more often! 

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