Sunday, July 9, 2017

I'm Back!!

A little bit... but not actually.

College has done a fantastic job of taking me away from the hobby (and taking all my time in general). So I haven't been actively creating anything and don't really plan to in the near future, but I will say I have been having some fun diving back in at least in a nostalgic way; visiting my favorite hobby blogs, looking through my own collection, browsing the NAN results I missed.  

However, in preparation for lots and lots of abroad travel this upcoming semester, I've decided to sell off my entire OF collection as well as some scattered CMs, resins, and minis. Just revisiting MH$P to list them felt like a throwback of it's own! You can visit all the ads that took me way to long to put together here, and more will constantly be added. 

Among all the horses is a single tack set left to be sold. Previously displayed on Seabiscuit, I decided it served a better purpose to be fit to Moxie, who's also for sale. Tacking this up after so long gave me an outside perspective into how insane I must have seemed for making things this small!

It feels weird to let it go. 

My last sales piece... ever? 

Too scary to say. Nevertheless, it's heading to MH$P if anyone is interested!

After everything is gone I know it'll be a while before I return to the hobby, but I have to admit I'm keeping all my tack making things so I have to come back eventually - right? 

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  1. You and your tiny treasures will be missed so very much. I still have the littl parade set that I won in your give away a few years ago, and have silently watched for more.

    You have been my inspiration! I have made tiny tack and shown minis in performance. I have a fb group that is dedicated to mini performance. It would not have happened without you warm and wonderful influence on myself and others who are members. Best wishes to you in future endevours, and I for one, look forward to seeing you come back....when your ready.